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About Dance, Yoga & Fitness Classes in Bellevue

About the studio

LaVida Dance Studio was found in 2013. At LaVida we provide excellent training to adults and youth dancers as young as two years old. We specialize in Ballroom, Latin, Argentine tango, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip-Hop. We offer an award-winning Twinkle Star Dance program to pre-schoolers. We run social dance nights for Salsa and Argentine Tango dance community on a regular basis. We produce annual dance show with over 90 dance participants that include our youth students, adult students and instructors.  
Natasha Maltseva
Artistic Director
Argentine Tango, Salsa, Ballroom, Kids and Wedding Dance Instructor

Natasha is a well-known dancer, performer and dance instructor in the Seattle area. She has been teaching Argentine Tango, Salsa, Ballroom dance, Kids Dance, Wedding dances, and Flashmob dances for years.

Natasha has been dancing since age 14. She was formally trained in jazz, modern, tap, belly-dance, flamenco, salsa, and ballroom in International and American styles.

After moving to the U.S. from Moscow, Russia, competitive Ballroom and Latin dancing quickly became Natasha’s passion. After co-founding the Binghamton University Dance Team, she went on to achieve competitive success, winning prestigious regional competitions and placing in the finals at USA DanceSport Championships. She has performed at numerous festivals and major events like the Ohio Star Ball, and choreographed stage shows for Children’s Dance Theater, Formation dance teams, competitive couples and wedding couples.

When Natasha discovered Argentine Tango, she fell deeply in love with 
it. After her last National Ballroom Championships, she has devoted herself completely to tango and was trained by top teachers in the U.S. and Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Natasha opened Dance InStyle Studio out of her basement and continued to pass her love and knowledge of Tango and other dances onto others in a very enthusiastic, encouraging, patient, helpful and fun way. In five years, her studio grew and it was the time to harmoniously expand it into the beautiful LaVida Studio.

Natasha’s background and passion for dance allows her truly appreciate all types of dances and to share it with her students, who often call her “Dr.Tango” as she has a unique ability to explain complicated concepts in an easy way. “I enjoy teaching beginners and those who 'get stuck'. When I find a way to explain things that suddenly make sense to them, I see the light bulb moment in their eyes, everything starts working out and I get SO energized seeing their progress!”
Kristina Ivanova 
Argentine Tango instructor, Meditation coach and Yoga instructor.

Kristina is a well-known and beloved Argentine Tango dancer, instructor, and DJ in Seattle.

Kristina started learning various forms of dance when she was 12, but it wasn't until she was in her early 20s back in her hometown of Moscow (Russia) that she got immersed and totally absorbed into the sensual dance of Argentine Tango.

In 2007, Kristina co-founded the Argentine Tango School in Moscow where she taught and continued to pass on her love of tango to her students until she met her husband and moved to the USA. ​

Kristina’s background in dance choreography helps her to understand a natural way of the body movement and address students’ specific needs and body structure to help them to learn tango in a friendly and pleasant environment.
Our Team of Instructors
We are proud to have a team of such experienced instructors with diverse backgrounds. They teach only what they practice every day, themselves. We are absolutely sure you will love them all!
Natalya Zrazhevskaya
Ballroom & Latin Instructor for adult and youth program

​Natalya is a top ranked dancer in the United States and well known in Washington's dance community through her devoted participation in competitions and passionate performances in shows around the area. She is trained in Latin and Ballroom as well as ballet, contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop and jazz dance. 

Natalya practically grew up in Washington State (her family moved here from Russia when she was 2 years old), and started dancing at the age of 5. She won the 2012 Northwest Regional Championship and placed finals in prestigious competitions such as Desert Classic, San Francisco Open and Southwest Regionals. Her love and dedication to dance never fades away as she travels all around the country and abroad in order to train, compete and perform shows in places such as the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Natalya loves to teach, and says that seeing others prosper from her knowledge is the biggest reward. “It helps me believe that I can actually help people by sharing my passion for what I love to do. Students that are avid to learn give off a special “energy”…this energy is what inspires me to keep working, dancing and learning myself!” 

Robert Basteri
Salsa Instructor

​Robert began his dance training at the age of 15 in his hometown of Oakland, California. His mother was his best inspiration in life and also a dance professional, and she had a great influence merging him into the world of dance. Robert was trained in ballet, jazz and later on in Guaracha, Cumbia, Paso doble, Tango, and Ballroom. At the age of 18 he was introduced to Salsa and since then it has become his passion, and with his Latin American roots, a truly natural form of expression. 

Through the years, Robert developed into a real Salsero (salsa dancer) - proficient in both Salsa-on-1 and Salsa-on-2. As an instructor, performer and choreographer, he has created a unique style of pattern along with his strong lead and managed world famous dancers like Abel Pena & Zulmara Torres to become undefeated 3 times 2005, 2006 and 2007 World Salsa Champions, representing LA style “on 1”.

Robert is the true promoter of Salsa dance. He has been co-organizing and participating in numerous professional salsa events locally such as Seattle Salsa Congress and all around the world. Skilled, talented, sociable and fun to be around, Robert makes salsa classes exceptional.  
Irina Egorova
Ballroom & Latin Instructor for adult and kids program

​Irina has been dancing all her life. She started with ballet classes in Ukraine, continued with modern dance until she discovered ballroom dances - her true love up to nowadays! Irina has been trained with world-class Ukrainian and Russian dance instructors who helped her to win local competitions. 

Irina worked for Elizarov’s Ballroom Dance Theater, a famous dance theater in Ukraine which regularly tours Europe and Canada. Since moving to U.S., Irina has been passionately teaching ballroom and latin dancing to adults and kids. 

Irina loves to share her knowledge of ballroom dancing. And as a parent of two, she knows firsthand the positive effect that learning to dance has on kids. She is certain that kids’ brains develop faster if they are memorizing dance patterns, coordinating their movements, and learning to listen to the music. Irina's instructions are full of kindness, joy and results.

She likes to mix the styles of ballet and hip-hop into the warm-ups of group classes. “It helps the body and mind expand its range of motion and will help students undertake difficult and diverse choreography in their future without too much stress. Students become adaptable in every situation!”
Umario Diallo
Ballroom & Latin and Hip-hop Instructor for adult and youth program

​Originally from Russia, Umario fell in love with dancing at the age of 10 years old. Four years later, he became Junior World Champion in Latin and Ballroom.  

Since that time, he has been competing all over Europe before moving to the United States to dance with his partner, Natalya Zrazhevskaya, with whom he became the NW Regional Amateur Latin Champion before turning professional in May 2015.

He is a friendly, inspiring and lively person with incredible drive for perfection in his teaching and dancing. 
Job Opportunities 
at LaVida Studio

Chloe Albin
​Instructor for Twinkle Star Dance and kids dance program

Chloe grew up in the Pacific Northwest and developed a love for dance at a young age. After receiving a Bachelor of the Arts in dance from Chapman University, she has found an even deeper love and understanding for the art of dance and is passionate about sharing this love with others.

With many opportunities to perform and compete she solidified her passion for the stage in various styles, including ballet, tap, jazz, and modern. She has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of choreographers, such as Dale A. Merrill, founder and former artistic director of Spectrum Dance Theater, Jennifer Backhaus, artistic director of Backhausdance, and Brandee Lara, choreographer for American Celebration, a gala event at Chapman University. She has been a featured performer in the work of Brandee Lara, and has performed at high profile events.

Chloe's deep interest in the creative process of dance has lead her to choreograph pieces in different styles, as well as teach throughout Southern California. Now that she is back in the Seattle area, she has reintegrated herself into the dance community here and enjoys to educate others in dance. She strives to create a positive environment in which a student feels motivated to take risks and widen their understanding of dance.
Employment and Sub Opportunities

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Anna Golubeva
Instructor for kids dance program and adult dance fitness program

​Anna is an instructor, choreographer, performer and personal fitness trainer. She holds a Masters degree in Physical Education and Dance. She is a professional in Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, Tribal dance, social Ballroom & Latin dance styles and various Fitness programs. 

Anna’s lengthy teaching background and strong knowledge of dance techniques and physical education is combined with her personal commitment to healthy lifestyle. Her students receive positive dance experience and a strong development. 

Anna loves kids, animals, nature and everything that positively effects our life. Her love of dance and true interest in each students growth is seen in each class. She love sharing her knowledge and passion for dance.

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