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Our Argentine Tango classes range from the Absolute Beginner series, to training with well-known visiting Maestros from Buenos Aires! The studio atmosphere compliments our weekly Tango Practica and monthly Milonga events beautifully. We are proud to have grown our Argentine Tango community on the Eastside Seattle area to its current size, and welcome you to join this friendly environment, regardless of your level!


At LaVida Studio, our experienced Argentine Tango instructors have developed several levels of classes in Bellevue. They follow a well-defined curriculum which makes the learning process effective, fast, and enjoyable.

Absolute Beginner Tango Foundation Level 1A and 1B
Intermediate Level 2
Advanced Level 3
All levels

Absolute Beginner "Tango Foundation" Level 1A and 1B covers important information of "Tango Foundation". This series is a must for those who have no tango experience, and recommended for those who have been learning tango for less than 6 months.

All other levels are ongoing classes with a certain curriculum topic that is discussed and explored over a 1 month period. If you missed a class at your level, you can go to the same level class next month and continue learning at a comfortable pace.

After students have completed "Tango Foundation", they can join an All Levels group, in which various Thematic classes are offered such as Milonga, Tango-Vals or Tango-Nuevo Topics.

Tango, Tango-Vals, Milonga, and Tango-Nuevo are the dances that you will experience at a social tango event called the Milonga.

Imagine couples dancing in a dimly lit room; a DJ carefully choosing the next tanda (set of songs); others sitting at tables chatting with friends and sipping wine – this is the picture of a typical milonga (social tango dance night) that you can find around the world. Argentine Tango has become so popular that you’d better take your tango shoes with you next time you travel!

It all began in the late 19th century, when immigrants flooded Buenos Aires, Argentina, in hopes of finding a better job. Thousands of people (mostly males from Western Europe) arrived at the port of Buenos Aires. Each night, after a hard-working day, they would go to the “bordellos” (brothels) to find the warm embrace of tango.

As a genre, Argentine Tango was developed from many different cultures, music, and dances that those immigrants from Western Europe and slaves from South Africa brought with them to Buenos Aires. Argentine Tango united people in the 19th century, and continues to do so today.

Nowadays, we dance social Argentine Tango at many milongas across the globe. Everyone can learn and dance tango. All you need is to dedicate yourself for a definite period of time with the teacher who will help you find the magic of this romantic dance form.

Our LaVida Studio Argentine Tango School offers students an effective way to learn Argentine Tango with great instructors - who have been dancing and teaching for many years. Our goal is quality instruction, and our mission is to expand the Seattle area tango community by nurturing good tango dancers.

If you have never learned Argentine Tango, regardless whether you have prior dance experience, you must take "Tango Foundation".

Level 1 - Absolute Beginner "Tango Foundation"
Our Absolute Beginner Tango Foundation consists of 8 classes once per week. The total of 8 classes is what gives you a solid foundation in Argentine Tango and allows to move forward.

The curriculum for Level 1 has been specifically designed for those who have little or no experience in Argentine Tango, and for all of those who believe they have two left feet and no rhythm. Throughout the course, we will learn the basics of tango, leading and following, balance and musicality. We will create a foundation that will be vital for the students' further progress.
Price: $125/person for each level. Read the curriculum, and register!

Level 2 - Intermediate
This class takes the fundamentals learned in the Absolute Beginner Series, and continues building the skill in dance. At this level, students will expand their Argentine Tango vocabulary by learning more tango elements in two main fields of tango: walks and turns; and in the two main realms of tango: parallel and cross systems. Students will start to learn how to combine tango elements together and create their own improvised tango dance. We will spend a good amount of time on musicality - listening to various orchestras and identifying the basic rhythm of Argentine Tango. The goal of the class is to acquire the practical knowledge and skills to be able to comfortably and confidently dance at a Milonga (Tango dance social).

As a learning experience, our students will be invited to our studio's Milonga, as well as taken to Seattle’s local Milonga events. We believe that going out to the Milongas in the area is crucial, and would like to make the learning experience as pleasant as possible for our students. We also believe that going out together as a group will build supportive relationships.

Price: $60/series (4 classes - once per week) or the Unlimited Membership will pay for this class.

Level 3 - Advanced
This class is designed for students who have been taking Argentine Tango classes at LaVida studio for at least 1.5 years, or 2 years elsewhere. Advanced dancers regularly attend practicas and milongas. At this level, students will go from basics, to more complex techniques, movements, and the understanding of various orchestras. They will polish their skills, as well as be introduced to some new and exciting elements. Students will be challenged with partner connection and improvisation of the dance steps. On top of solidifying their tango technique, students will master new tango elements such as: sacadas, volcadas, boleos, same axis turns, and etc.

Price: $60/series (4 classes - once per week) or the Unlimited Membership will pay for this class.

ALL Levels
This is an ongoing class that offers different topics for students every month. In these classes, students will be introduced to Tango-Vals and Milonga: their basic figures, rhythm and technical aspects; as well as the Tango-Nuevo style. Classes will include work on technique, musicality, and interesting sequences.

Prerequisite: "Tango Foundation" at LaVida Studio, or at least 6 months of classes elsewhere.

Price: $60/per series (4 classes - once per week) or the Unlimited Membership will pay for this class.

Group Classes
Group classes are the most popular form of learning Argentine Tango. Levels that we offer take place in a collective setting. Students may come to the group classes without a partner. We use the help of our volunteers to make sure that every class has an even number of leaders and followers. We also allow students to rotate, providing everyone the opportunity to dance with different partners. Couples have a choice of rotating or not.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are an important part of learning Argentine Tango. Students can learn from group classes, but private lessons are invaluable when it comes to learning correctly from the start, avoiding mistakes, and preventing bad habits that may form and would be very hard to correct later on. Private lessons are also a great choice for those who can't commit to the schedule of group classes.

During the private lessons, the teacher fine-tunes your dancing and technique, clarifies topics that were missed during the group classes, and customizes instruction to your personal needs. Spreading out private lessons between group classes and practicas is the best option for rapid progress.

Private lessons are for up to 2 people, and are 50 min long. They can be bought in packages, and expire 1 year from your date of purchase.

Practice is what makes everything happen. During group and private lessons, the new information is received and can be understood, but it takes time for your body absorb it all! We cannot emphasize the critical role of practicas enough. At every level, dancers need to practice what they have learned in class. In coordination with group class and private lessons, Practicas and/or Milongas are the best way to make rapid progress.

Milonga is the name for 2 different things.
First, it is the name of a dance - one of 3 dances in the Argentine Tango family (Tango, Tango-Vals, Milonga). Second, this is the name of a formal Argentine Tango Dance Night Social. Read above to get a feel for what you'd experience at a typical Milonga.

At LaVida Studio, we hold Milonga on the 4th Friday of every month. We highly recommend that every student attend, including those who just started learning tango.

For more information about tango classes in Bellevue, call us today!

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