Uniform for Youth Dance Program

Yes. LaVida Dance students are required to wear a certain uniform and shoes purchased at LaVida depending on the classes they are enrolled in.

NOTE: Students must bring and change their shoes as they enter the studio. In the event that students enter the dance floor in street shoes, they will be asked to remove them and dance barefoot. Please, help to save our dance floor.

NOT ALLOWED: street shoes, jeans, low cut tops, clothing that exposes "cheeks", shirts that have profanity or suggestive slogans.

All required uniform items must be purchased at the studio. Please, see our wonderful staff at the Front Desk Monday - Friday 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

  1. Many of our tights and shoes are the color and style we use in our recitals, so it is better to have the correct items at the beginning in order to avoid having to purchase them again.
  2. The prices are excellent and the quality of the dancewear is superb.
  3. Did we mention that this is more convenient than driving all over town to find the right size dancewear and shoes or deal with returns for online orders?
Stop by the front desk with your dancer. We will do the fitting, making it convenient and less time-consuming for you, busy parent! Most of the items are in stock, otherwise it takes about a week or so to receive the order.
We will exchange unworn items should they not fit correctly - once items have been worn, they can not be exchanged or refunded.

Few years back we have implemented a required dance class uniform in an effort to provide safe and supportive environment for students, help LaVida busy parents save money and time, and establish financial support for business and staff, which especially helped in surviving the covid crisis.

  1. It is ensuring the dancers' safety by providing appropriate attire for movement, as well as promoting equality, inclusion, and easy identification, contributing to a focused learning process and a positive and supportive dance environment
  2. It saves parents money and time by being cost-effective and versatile, simplifying the outfitting process and decision-making, in turn contributing to the sanity and convenience for busy parents
  3. It plays a vital role in sustaining the business and supporting its staff, ultimately contributing to the overall success and longevity of the dance studio.

We thank our LaVida families for supporting the local businesses in general and LaVida Studio in particular!

Unity, Equality and Inclusion. The uniform creates a sense of unity, equality and inclusion among students. Regardless of their background, financial status, or personal fashion choices, all dancers are on an equal footing when wearing the same attire. This fosters a supportive and inclusive environment within the dance class, where students are valued for their abilities and dedication rather than their clothing.

Personal Attention. The uniform helps instructors and fellow dancers easily identify and recognize your child during the class. This is particularly valuable when your child takes multiple classes. By quickly identifying students, instructors can provide personalized attention, guidance, and feedback to your child, ensuring they receive the support they need to progress in their dance skills.

Technique. The simple leotard, tights, and Twinkle Star tutu outfits make it possible for the instructors to see the dancer's bodies, assess and correct your child's technique more effectively. When students wear standardized attire, instructors can easily observe their alignment, posture, and body movements. This allows them to provide specific and targeted corrections, helping your child improve their dance skills and technique. Additionally, instructors are able to choreograph dances more effectively when the dancers are dressed the same.

Focus. Dancers, especially the young ones, are often distracted by their own dancewear. Large skirts and/or tutus become the dancer's focus instead of the instructor. Learning to dance and work together as a team can be more easily achieved by removing the distraction of different dancewear. Uniform also contributes to the overall professionalism of the dance class. It creates a disciplined and focused environment, teaching your child about the importance of adhering to dress codes and standards. This prepares them for future dance opportunities, performances and professions where uniforms may be required.

Safety and Comfort. Class uniform is designed with safety and comfort in mind. It is tailored to allow freedom of movement while providing appropriate coverage. Students move comfortably and confidently, which in turn enhances their dance performance. Uniform shoes provide correct traction of the sole, cushioned insole (based on dance style) for comfortable jumps and appropriately snug fit for healthy ankles and joints. This ensures that your child can move comfortably, reducing the risk of injuries.

Mindset. Class uniform aligns with the studio’s mission to teach students life-long lessons through dance, one of which is a discpline and mindset for minimalism in clothing that has been addopted by many successful people. See article below. Students learn the discipline to store their uniform in their dance bag, making storage streamlined and organized. This in turn simplifies the process of getting dressed, saves time and helps eliminate any decision-making of clothing choices for themselves and their busy parents.

Successful and busy people often adopt a minimalistic mindset when it comes to their every day clothing for several reasons:

  1. Quality over quantity: They often prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to their clothing choices. They recognize that investing in high-quality, timeless pieces can result in longer-lasting and more durable items. By curating a smaller wardrobe of well-made, versatile clothing, they can maintain a polished and stylish appearance without the need for excessive items.
  2. Time and convenience: Having a minimalistic wardrobe saves time and simplifies the process of getting dressed. With fewer options to choose from, decision-making becomes easier and less time-consuming. This allows busy individuals to focus their time and energy on other priorities and responsibilities.
  3. Clutter-free living: Minimalistic clothing choices reflect a broader desire for a clutter-free and organized lifestyle. Successful individuals often value simplicity and a sense of calm in their surroundings. By maintaining a minimalist wardrobe, they can avoid the accumulation of unnecessary items, leading to a more streamlined and organized living space.

In an effort to save parents both money and time, a few years back, we have implemented a required dance class uniform. While it may seem that parents would spend more upfront when signing up their dancers for classes, the overall investment into the LaVida uniform is actually relatively small compared to what they would spend on dancewear at other studios on average.

LaVida parents avoid the need to constantly spend money, purchasing different dance outfits for each class each year. Instead, they can simply acquire the designated uniform, which typically consists of basic items such as leotard/tshirt, tights/pants, and dance shoes.

In contrast, at other studios where specific uniform is not required, parents may find themselves constantly buying new outfits for each class whether to meet a requirement for a certain color each year or trying to accommodate their dancer wishing for a dancewear item to show off in front of the fellow dancers in class. This can result in a higher overall expenditure on dancewear over time, as the costs add up with each new item purchased.

The LaVida uniform is designed to be durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements. It is made from high-quality materials that can endure frequent use and washing. The prices are excellent and the quality of their dancewear is superb.

Additionally, the uniform is used for performances at the onstage Winter Showcase and in class during the Observation weeks. The uniform tights and shoes are the color and style we use in our recitals, so it is better to have the correct items at the beginning in order to avoid having to purchase them again.

At LaVida parents make a one-time investment in the uniform items, which can be used across multiple classes and even years, as the children’s growth spurts vary. This approach not only saves parents money in the long run but also eliminates a waste of time and the hassle of searching for and purchasing various dancewear items for each class, and often dealing with returns of the wrong size or fit. As one parent rightfully noted: "This is definitely more convenient than driving all over town to find the right size dancewear and shoes."

When LaVida parents purchase the dance uniform directly from the studio, it provides several benefits to the business and its staff:

  1. Financial support: The revenue generated from the sale of dance uniforms directly benefits the business by providing a steady income stream. This helps cover various expenses such as rent, utilities, staff salaries, and maintenance costs. By purchasing the uniform from the studio, parents contribute directly to the financial stability and growth of the business.
  2. Streamlined operations: When parents buy the dance uniform from the studio, it simplifies the management of inventory and reduces administrative overhead. The studio can maintain a stock of uniforms in various sizes, ensuring that they are readily available for parents to purchase. This streamlines the process for both the studio and parents, saving time and effort for the staff.
  3. Employee support: The purchase of dance uniforms from the studio also supports the studio's staff members. The studio employs instructors, administrative staff, and other personnel who contribute to the smooth functioning of the dance classes. By generating revenue through uniform sales, the studio can allocate funds to provide competitive wages, benefits, and professional development opportunities for its staff, creating a positive work environment and attracting talented individuals.
  4. Brand identity and professionalism: Requiring a specific dance uniform helps establish a consistent brand identity for the studio. When students wear the same uniform in class, it creates a sense of unity and professionalism. This helps to enhance the studio's reputation and makes it easily identifiable within the community. Additionally, a standardized uniform can contribute to a more focused and disciplined learning environment, benefiting both students and instructors.

Thank you for supporting the local businesses in general and LaVida Studio in particular!



          • Sparkle Tutu Dress (Pink for 3-5yr class; Lilac for 4-6yr class)
          • Color Flow Footed Tights in Classic Pink
          • Student Ballet Shoe in Classic Pink
          • Easy On Student Tap Shoe in Black Patent


          • Black Logo T-Shirt
    • Stretch Dance Pant in Black
    • Intro Stretch Tap Boot in Black
    • Student Ballet Shoe in Black




          • Seamless Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Leotard in Black
          • Stretch Dance Capri in Black
          • Stretch Jazz Boot in Dark Tan / Student Ballet Shoe in Pink (for pre-acro)


          • Black Logo T-Shirt
    • Stretch Dance Pant in Black
    • Stretch Jazz Boot in Black/ Student Ballet Shoe in Black (for pre-acro)