Ballroom and Latin dance classes Kirkland

When you watch TV shows like "Dancing with the Stars", or "So You Think You Can Dance", etc., does it make you wish you and your partner could learn how to dance?
Are you concerned about an upcoming wedding, private party, or cruise that you don’t want to feel awkward on the dance floor at? We have devoted our Ballroom dancing lessons to couples and singles that want to learn dancing as a means to have fun, meet friends, spark a relationship, or prepare for an upcoming event like a cruise or wedding.

There are quite few reasons why singles and couples learn ballroom dancing in our Eastside Seattle studio:

  • To go out with a spouse or a partner for fun and romantic activity
  • To meet people or make new friends
  • To spark a relationship or renew romance
  • To prepare for dancing on a cruise
  • To prepare for dancing at a wedding or party
  • To learn a routine for the first wedding dance, mother-and-son dance, or father-and-daughter dance
  • To exercise, keep in shape, or lose weight
  • To channel artistic expression and creativity
  • To impress a date, friends, or family
  • To possibly compete in dance competitions
  • To perform on stage at our Annual Dance Shows (show 2015)
You might feel that you need to be born a dancer to be able to spin and twirl with your partner on the floor. That’s not entirely true…

Don’t get us wrong! Talent helps, and naturally shines through in the long run. However, there is foundational knowledge needed for any dancer to be successful in partner dance. Once you are familiar with that foundation, it is skill, talent, and practice that will take you to the next level! People of all ages, shapes, and sizes enjoy ballroom dancing in Seattle area!
At LaVida, we specialize in teaching absolute beginners. Through our dance lessons, we show you how to avoid common lead and follow mistakes, and how to apply tips and tricks to make your dancing enjoyable, easy, and fun. We’ll prepare you to be confident and comfortable enough to go out and dance...anywhere!

In the Seattle area, there are various communities for dance. You can learn one style, or all of these wonderful social partner dance styles at our studio, enabling you to come to our Dance Parties - or go out to other places in Seattle or Eastside Seattle every day of the week!

  • Ballroom & Ballroom Latin category: Foxtrot, Waltz, Ballroom Tango, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, East Coast Swing, Viennese Waltz
  • Latin category: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha-Cha
  • West Coast Swing
  • Argentine Tango
  • At LaVida Studio, we offer group classes in all styles of social partner dancing and at all levels.
  • It’s never necessary to have a partner to learn any of the dances at our studio, as we frequently rotate partners during each class (optional for couples). We also invite volunteers to help balance the lead/follow ratio.
  • Our 55-minute Group Classes give you a chance to learn various dances in a friendly environment, where you will have plenty of time to practice your steps before hitting the dance floor!
  • Each month, we start new a Series that consists of four classes over a four-week period. The classes are held the same time each week, with the same instructor. You may join a Series during the first and second week of classes only.
  • Group Classes are identified by 3 levels, where Level 1 is for absolute beginner students.
  • Level 1 – Absolute Beginner
  • Level 1-2 – Beginner/Intermediate
  • Level 2-3 - Intermediate /Advanced

Ballroom Series include 4 group classes once per week and 4 weekly practice socials.

At Level 1 students receive introduction to variety of social dances. Each series starts at the beginning of each month and is devoted to a particular dance. See Ballroom Class Schedule below for type of dances offered this month. Click "Next" to scroll weeks forward to see future series.

You will need to be able to demonstrate the steps in Level 1 before moving to Level 1-2. If you would like to join Level 1-2 or higher right from the start - you certainly can! Just contact us for our complimentary 10min evaluation.
Levels 1-2 and 2-3 are series of 4 classes once per week and 4 weekly practice socials. Each month series is devoted to one particular dance that students would like to continue learning.

Students can learn from group classes, but private lessons are invaluable when it comes to learning correctly from the start, avoiding mistakes, and preventing bad habits that may form and would be very hard to correct later on. We recommend taking Private lessons along with group classes at least once per month.

Private lessons are also a great choice for those who can't commit to the schedule of group classes due to travel, work or life-style.

We offer 50 min dance lessons for all levels of dancers. Whether you are single, or learning to dance as a couple, you will receive personal attention to your individual needs; consequently making more rapid progress. Lessons will advance at your own pace and comfort level. You will soon be able to move confidently, feel comfortable dancing, and truly enjoy it. The more time you can invest in your dancing, the better dancer you will become!

Visit Private Lessons page for more information.

Check below Schedule at the end of each month for any new series we may add on in upcoming month!