Tuition And Policies

Upcoming Holiday Breaks

LaVida Studio observes the following holidays in which there are NO CLASSES:

July Holiday Break: 06/28/2021 - 07/4/2021

September Holiday Break: 08/29/2021 - 09/6/2021

Halloween Day: 10/31/2021

Thanksgiving Break: 11/25/2021 - 11/28/2021

Winter Holiday Break: 12/20/2021 - 1/2/2022

Memorial Day Break: 05/28/2022 - 05/30/2022

July Holiday Break: 06/27/2022 - 07/4/2022

Covid Protocol and Safety Measures


We are a year-round studio and hold regular scheduled classes throughout summer months.


Siblings receive 10% monthly tuition discount. Second sibling receives $35 off the registration fee, and third sibling receives free registration.

Mommy& Me, Twinkle Stars Dance™, Top Hats & Tails™ Boys Dance Tuition

45 minute class, 1 class per week  = $78 per month
45 minute class, 2 classes per week = $139 per month (11% discount)

Ballet, Ballroom, Jazz,  AcroDance, Hip-Hop, BreakDance Tuition

includes 10% discount for each additional class

1 hour per week = $81 per month
1.5 hours per week = $139 per month
up to 2 hours per week = $155 per month
up to 3 hours per week = $239 per month                                                                                                                              up to 4 hours per week = $308 per month
up to 5 hours per week = $370 per month

Youth Performance and Competitions Dance Teams Tuition

Mini Star Team: AcroDance/Jazz   (ages 5-7)

Debut Star Team: AcroDance/Jazz   (ages 7-9)

Jazzy Star Team: Jazz/Lyrical    (ages 9-11)

LVD Junior Squad: HipHop/Jazz Funk   (7-11)

LVD Teen Squad: HipHop/Jazz Fink   (12-15)

Rising Star Team: Ballroom Fusion/Jazz (ages 12-15)

Rising Star Team:  Contemp/Acro  (ages 12-15)

Any One Team = $265 per month                                                                                                                                              Two Teams = $395 per month                                                                                                                                                  Three Teams =  $525 per month


Adult Dance Teams Tuition

Ladies of LaVida Performance Team = $240 per month
Bacheetahs - Bachata Ladies Team = $120 per month

Charter a Private Group Class (any age, any style)

10-12 dancers = $89 per dancer/ month (4 classes)
6- 9 dancers = $99 per dancer/ month (4 classes)
3-5 dancers = $120 per dancer/ month (4 classes)

Register for Trial Class!


Annual Registration Fee of $55 (non-refundable) per child or $75 per family must be paid before the 1st class.

LaVida Dance Studio's Season is like a 12 month school year. We guarantee at least 44 classes during the yearly season. Some months may have 2 or 5 weeks worth of classes, but the monthly fee will stay the same. Summer schedule is modified. Monthly fees are automatically charged to your credit or debit card on the first of each month until you tell us to stop. ANYONE PARTICIPATING IN THE ANNUAL SHOW MUST BE CURRENTLY ENROLLED.

Tuition Payment:

Automatic Monthly Payment - your MasterCard, Visa, Discover or Debit card will automatically be charged on the 1st of each month. Forget having to remember to pay online or wait in lined to avoid having to pay a late fee!

We allow a one-month pause once a year. We must be emailed about using your pause by the 15th of the month prior.

Enrollment to number of classes may change and the tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

Dress Code Attire:

LaVida Dance students are required to wear uniform determined and ordered through LaVida Dance Studio. A member of our wonderful staff will be available at the front desk to measure and order the attire your child needs. After two weeks from the first visit students in appropriate attire only will be allowed to enter classroom. If you have more questions please see FAQ.

NOTE: Hip Hop and Pop Culture classes required dance sneakers or a pair of clean sneakers used only for dance, and comfortable, loose, modest attire. Students must bring and change their shoes before they enter the classroom. In the event that students enter dance floor in street shoes, they will be asked to remove them and dance barefoot. Please, help us keep our dance floor high quality.

NOT ALLOWED: street shoes, jeans, low cut tops, clothing that exposes belly button or "cheeks", shirts that have profanity or suggestive slogans.

Withdrawal and Refund/Return Policy

Tuition and Registration fees are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. Notification to withdraw from class must be received in writing by LaVida Studio via email by the 15th of the previous month. For example, if you would like to cancel your enrollment by June please write us an email by May 15th stating your wish to un-enroll. NO EXCEPTIONS. Stopping to attend classes does not mean automatic withdrawal. We will keep your spot in the class until you request the withdrawal in writing.

LaVida Studio will not have classes during the following holiday breaks: Thanksgiving Weekend and Winter Break, Memorial Weekend, Independence Day Weekend, Labor Dance Weekend. The total value of these breaks have been considered and reflected in the final price of monthly tuition amount. There are no additional refunds or credits for missed dance days due to holidays.

LaVida Studio follows Lake Washington School District for any emergency/weather related closing.


Every child is expected to participate in our annual recital that takes place mid-May. Registration process for the performance starts November or as soon as the theater is reserved.  Participation is optional, but highly encouraged. Studies show that students who have an annual goal have a higher focus and commitment rate to learning. If you are not going to participate at the recital you must Opt-out in writing within 2 weeks after the Performance Registration process starts.

Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather, we operate on the Lake Washington School District policy. If Lake Washington Schools are closed due to inclement weather, the studio will be closed as well, unless we inform otherwise. Due to scheduling constraints, we are unable to reschedule entire classes. However students may attend an appropriate class at their convenience in order to make up for class missed due to closure. Make-ups are available until April 1st, due to annual show rehearsals. We do not refund or pro-rate tuition due to inclement weather closings.
We do include few days to a week in the yearly schedule to cover for any closures and cancellations.


At any circumstances when studio's physical location is ordered to be closed due to federal, state, county or city mandate all classes will be moved online for live-stream, and zoom link will be sent to each class. Any changes to enrollment or registration will follow the same policy with no exceptions.

Make-up Policy

We understand that our students will have times where they are out of town, sick, or busy with a previous arrangement and as such we allow for currently enrolled students to receive a recording from any missed class. The class recording is available to view during the entire week following the class.

If you know beforehand that you'll be missing the class, you will have an opportunity to take the live-stream class online from any place you are at.

To take advantage of the make-up policy, please email us at or use Contact Us form, and we will send you the link for the class recording or the online class link.

We also include one make-up week at the end of June in our schedule to give additional opportunity to make-up any missed classes.

Make-ups recordings are only allowed for students who are currently enrolled. Anyone who is un-enrolled will not be allowed to receive the class recording. There will be no refunds or deductions for classes missed.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are so happy to welcome you into the LaVida Community!