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Don't miss our Dance Show - an event that the entire family will enjoy!

What is LaVida recital?

  • Our recital is a professional production complete with lighting, sound and theatrical stage. We love giving our students a lesson in theatre etiquette and what it takes to produce a show. Our audiences give great feedback on our shows and our students love performing for family and friends!
  • Our recital mission is to create memories and inspire. During 2020 lockdown when theaters were closed, we have produced a movie instead! The Jungle Book Dance Movie is now available to watch on-demand.
  • In 2021 we plan on holding the show at the theater following all the covid protocols. In case that theaters don't open, we'll make recital happen on the outdoor stage or producing a digital or live-stream concert.

We are COMMITTED to fulfill our promise one way or another                                                                                                                          - To create unforgettable memories and inspire people to DANCE!

2020 The Jungle Book Dance Movie

Narrated Digital Story Book



Join us for exciting adventures of Mowgli and his furry friends in the home-place called Jungle!

The intriguing story told on stage through the medium of dance, featuring colorful costumes and invigorating music. Each dance, each style represents an idea and tells part of the story. It will be enjoyable and amusing for children and adults alike!


2020 Covid hit two months prior to our planned show production on stage. The theaters closed, we moved all classes online immediately and continued to work and prepare our dance numbers.

As time went by it was clear that we won't be able to hold our show on stage, and we had to pivot. How about a dance Movie? How about filming outside for everyone's safety and make it The Jungle Book WA style?

Six months later.

Whoo-hoo! We did it! We have completed the project of the year - The Jungle Book Dance Movie, an epic digital storybook!

Originally, we've planned it as a staged dance production for May 2020. Due to the pandemic we had to find a solution to carry on our mission – creating unforgettable memories and inspire. It was our commitment to keep up the joy and hopes for all the students who had been learning their choreographies throughout last year and then during the lockdown via Zoom.

Even though we’ve got everything conspiring against us: the lockdown, the restrictions, no space to rehearse, technical issues, smog, rain, dancing at 45-degree weather – our dancers, parents, instructors and production team stood strong and committed!

This work includes months of ordering and exchanging costumes with alterations for over 100 performers, months of rehearsing via Zoom, over 43 hours of dress rehearsals and filming, 85 hours of video editing and lots more behind-the-scene efforts.

We invite you to support our studio by watching the movie via on-demand purchase, and inviting your friends! This is the time to gather with family for a movie night and watch the film featuring our talented dancers, spectacular choreographies, colorful costumes, invigorating music and wonderful special effects. We promise it will be enjoyable and amusing for both kids and adults.

Video on demand $20. Click to purchase your access. You will receive a receipt with the link and password to the video.



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annual dance shows Kirkland

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