Do You Wanna Bachata?

by Natasha Maltseva on 04/11/17

LaVida Dance Studio is proud to add Bachata to our list of dance styles. A social dance that originated in the Dominican Republic and is now danced globally, Bachata is a fun and exciting dance for dancers of all levels. We don’t require a partner or any previous experience for these courses.

History of Bachata

Closely related to Salsa, Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic in the 1900’s and is now danced all around the world. The dance style gained popularity in America and beyond in the late 1900’s and is now danced in many countries. There are several modern iterations of the dance including:

  • Traditional Bachata: The most common iteration of Bachata, showcases the traditional is the four step rhythm. At LaVida Dance Studios, our Bachata courses teach the traditional style.
  • Moderna: A dance style whose base is traditional Bachata, but also includes Tango, Salsa, Zouk, and Ballroom. This dance is relatively new to the dance scene, with its popularity gaining traction in 2005.
  • Bachata Tango: This dance style, also known as “Bachatango” is a fusion of Bachata and Tango. This dance is more common in the continental U.S., but less commonly danced in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.
  • Ballroom Bachata: Another Western iteration of Bachata, Ballroom Bachata combines classic ballroom dance with Bachata flare to create a fun and upbeat hybrid dance style.

What does Bachata look like? How is it different from Salsa?

Bachata is a romantic and rhythmic Latin Dance style. A close cousin of Salsa, Bachata showcases a slower rhythm and accentuated hip movements.  It's a three step dance with a tap and hip movements on the fourth beat. Hip movement is an essential part of the dance, adding style and flare for female dancers. This dance can be performed in open, semi-closed, or closed orientation. It is a simpler dance than traditional salsa because it requires less complex sequences and fast turns. Traditional steps are slower and typically in a close position, however the dance style has evolved to include more variant dance positions and a wider variety of music.

Bachata Music

Bachata dance also comes with its own signature music style. This style of music is rooted in Bolero music, a slow tempo genre of Latin music. With roots in both Spain and Cuba, this music gained popularity in the late 19th century.  The Bachata music style gained popularity in the 1960’s in the Dominican Republic. Though Bachata retains a similar rhythm to Bolero music, but the two can clearly be distinguished.

Why Choose Bachata?

Bachata is danced all over the world. It's a fun and exciting dance experience for all skill levels. It's a great choice for beginners because it's a slow rhythm that's easier to get the hang of. Its also a highly enjoyable social dance and a great way to bring groups and couples together. Sexy, Latin dance moves for the ladies, easy to learn footwork for men, and a lot of fun for all levels of experience are just a few reasons to choose Bachata.

Whether you’re a first timer or you’ve been looking for somewhere to cultivate your love for Bachata on the Eastside, LaVida Dance Studio is the place to go. To learn more about our programs or to sign up for a class, visit our website today!

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