Assessment Description

Year End Assessment

ages 2-5ages 2-18ages 6-18
What is Physical Awareness? What is Dance Etiquette?

What is Physical Awareness?

Has body awareness, differentiating right from left, transferring weight quickly from foot to foot, pointing toes and stretching fingers.

Has spatial awareness, understanding personal space in relation to others, consistent in keeping own spot, line, and distance while dancing.

2-5 yo

Shows respect for teachers and fellow dancers.

Follows directions.

Receives and applies corrections.

6-18 yo

Shows respect for teachers and fellow dancers, discipline, and focus

Possesses coordination, balance, flexibility.

Coordination: ability to use body parts together in harmony with each other, including the use of both arms simultaneously while stepping or changing direction quickly while maintaining balance.

Balance: ability to keep the state of bodily symmetry by complete stillness and minimal postural swaying. Balance is not a matter of remaining still in position, but continually shifting the body and making necessary adjustments in alignment.

Flexibility: ability to perform movements with a greater amplitude due to joints moving through their full range of motion, which makes dance look seamless and reduces risk of injuries and soreness.

What is Interest for Dance? What is Musicality?  What is Technique? 
Engages in class, enjoys dancing to music and has fun! Aware of music tempo and rhythm, hears, and synchronizes movements with counts.

2-5 yo

Counts in 4s and 8s

6-18 yo

Counts in wholes, halves, quarters, eights


Has body awareness, and understands concepts and terminology.

Applies corrections to execute the movement correctly

What is Retention? What is Attendance & Uniform?  What is Choreography & Performance?  
Grasps and applies knowledge and skills learned

Regularly attends class

Follows dress code including studio uniform and hair back

Has quick pickup time and  memorization of movements in a particular order.

Possesses performance skills, showing confidence and stage presence.

Has ability to balance clean execution of choreographed movements with improvisation, style, emotions and energy