Covid Protocol and Safety Measures


  • Hold Harmless & Covid Waiver must be signed at the front desk by every student.
  • Take temperature before coming to class.  If you have not done so, please, stop by the front desk to get checked upon arriving.
  • As of March 12th masks are optional for all.
  • The lobby is there to pass. Absolutely NO waiting will be allowed, exception for parents of young dancers who need restroom assistance.
  • Dressing room is closed. Please, arrive in your class uniform ready to change shoes and start the class.
  • Bring water bottle, as water breaks will be taken INSIDE the classroom.
  • Hand sanitization is required before and after the class. Hand sanitizing station available at front.
  • We ask all parents to drop off the child(ren) at the main entrance and pick up at the classroom door exit. Please, see Drop Off Plan diagram here

NO WAITING/PICKING UP IN THE LOBBY WILL BE PERMITTED. Exception for parents of young dancers who need restroom assistance.


  • Floors have been sectioned into squares for 6ft apart distancing
  • Sanitization is key. Front Desk/Admin sanitizes all surfaces (handrails, door handles, entryways, etc.) before, in between, and after all classes.
  • If use pen at front desk, please place in used pen container. Front Desk/Admin will sanitize.
  • All mats/hula hoops, blocks, etc. (any and all items used in classes) are properly sanitized every evening after classes, and every afternoon, before classes.

Thank you