Summer is Almost Here! Classes and Events at LaVida Studio

Summer is Almost Here! Classes and Events at LaVida Studio

by Natasha Maltseva on 05/15/15

We have always loved the opportunities for kicking back with my kids over the summer months, taking a break from the regular school year schedule. But too much free time and kids start to get bored and parents go a little crazy. Camps that promote health and well-being, facilitate great social skills, and support your kids interests are just the ticket.

Our summer circus and dance camp is a blast and a unique full day camp. We spend half of each day focusing on circus skills and performance, creative thinking, improvisations and circus tricks!

The dance half of the day allows your child to learn hip-hop, Latin, free-style, and contemporary dance. Learning choreography teaches your child effective listening, increases their attention span, social skills and opportunities to improve coordination and flexibility. In addition, they will learn juggling and magic tricks. Juggling is very beneficial for developing coordination. And of course they will come out of camp with incredible dance skills!

We are proud and honored to present Sergy Krutikov for our circus camps. Sergy has been a professional circus artist in the US and Europe and a thrill to watch in action.

Camp age groups are broken into 5-7 year olds and 8-12 year olds.  There will be personalized attention by our staff even for the absolute beginner. Our student to instructor ratio allows us to tailor the camps to individual needs and skill levels.  Camps are presented in both Russian and English for those that need it.

We offer two 5 day sessions in July for both age groups, so there will be dates that work for almost everyone.

Mixed into the action packed day are plenty of short breaks to play games, have competitions and get to know their fellow campers.

Camp culminates with an opportunity to show family all they have learned. Dance moves as well as circus tricks will be performed for family and friends.

Class sizes are limited and filling up fast so take advantage of the early bird savings and get on the schedule, now! Check out our summer camp schedule and reserve your child’s spot.

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