Three Opportunities to Tango!

by Natasha Maltseva on 02/12/15

In addition to the great variety dance and yoga class offerings, at LaVida, we provide all kinds of great opportunities to get out and put your dance skills to use. After all, what is the use of learning great new dance moves without fun outlets to show off and improve your skills?  That is precisely why we have come up with our Alternative Milonga Tango night and our Traditional Milonga Tango night.

The Traditional Tango event is every 4th Friday of the month and starts at 8:30 with a 30 minute free intro to tango.  During that time, we will cover the basic instructions in the Tango, just enough to get you started.  At 9:00 the dance and socializing begins and goes until 12:30am!

The Alternative Milonga Tango night is every 3rd Friday and starts at 9 with dancing and socializing the night away until 12:30am.

The difference between the two evenings is the Tango-Nuevo music played during the Alternative Milonga event. Tango-Nuevo music is that tango music that has evolved in tango circles since the 1950’s when Astor Piazzolla revolutionized tango music with “new instruments and brought in a different melodic structure than what is traditionally recognized in Argentine Tango. In a nutshell, more electric and acoustics sounds are associated with Tango-Nuevo.

Entrance is $8 and all skill levels are welcome.  No need to feel intimidated, our talented instructors and longtime participants love to share their understanding and passion for tango!

For those who are absolute beginners, the Tango Foundation class is perfect for you. We have provided an 8 week series in Argentine Tango to get you confident with the basics.  Class is on Sundays 6:15-7:15pm, or Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm. On Tuesdays from 8:30-10:30pm we provide Guided Tango practice for a great opportunity to work on your newly learned moves under the guidance of experienced instructors and partners.

Regardless of your skill level, we have some great opportunities for you to have fun learning and improving your tango skills. Come join us!

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