Get Your Son Some Dancing Shoes: 5 Reasons Boys Should Dance Too

by Natasha Maltseva on 02/15/17

When it comes to dance classes, many parents only think of them for their daughters. Dance, however, isn’t only for little girls in pink tutus; it's a great activity that builds strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and confidence for kids and adults of all ages. Even if your son isn’t usually the first one on the dance floor, learning dance at a young age can build a foundation for life, and be a lot of fun. If you and your son are still skeptical, consider these reasons to start dancing.

Improve flexibility and body coordination

Its no secret that kids have tons of energy, and finding ways to channel it productively can be a project. While some sports such as football and basketball do a great job of getting your kid to run around for a few hours, the specific movements dance requires helps children improve their

coordination. Through various forms of dance, our students learn to control their bodies, become more flexible, and improve overall coordination. Children with strong coordination are less likely to be injured in other sports and daily life and also help develop fine motor skills. Dancing is a fun way to build these foundations for a happy and healthy life.

Build creativity and enhance self expression

Dancing will give your son the chance to explore their creativity and learn a new way to express himself. Dancing is good for your brain. It helps you build strong muscle memory and expand your knowledge of movement, and it's also a great way to be creative. Through various forms of music, different dance styles, and more, children have the chance to express themselves and stretch their creativity through learning new moves. Parents are often reminded the importance of math and numbers, but flexing the creative side of your child’s brain is also important for development.

Lowered risk of serious injury

It's important for kids to run around and play, but contact sports also pose the danger of serious injury. Football, for example, can alter brain function in children as young as eight years old, even when played with protective gear. Dance is a fun alternative that will allow your children to play, build strength and coordination without the risk of injury that contact sports poses.

Learn about music and rhythm

Unlike most other sports, dance offers the added educational benefit of delving into different types of music. When your child learns about dance, they’ll also explore music and sounds from around the world including Latin American music, Hip Hop music and more. Through dance, they’ll learn about rhythm, tempo, and other skills that can be applied to playing music, singing, and musical instruments.

Build skills for life

When your son learns dance, he’ll learn a lot of other life skills along with the tango. Dancing is a social activity, where children can build community and improve communications skills with both other students and their teachers. With or without a partner, dance is a collaborative activity where everyone has to work together to build a greater whole. Dance also helps children learn a sense of self discipline and understand the drive to want to improve one's own habits to become better at what they do. Dancing also teaches problem solving; the show must go one, so when dancers miss their cues or make a mistake, they’ll learn to keep moving forward. From working together to quick decision making, in the dance studio, children develop skills they’ll use throughout their lives.

For boys of all ages, dancing is a great way to build strength, have fun, and learn a new set of skills that can benefit them in many aspects of life. Whether your son has always wanted to dance or might be a little skeptical, dance is worth a try for boys of all ages. La Vida Dance Studio is currently offering one of our favorites, our “Top Hat and Tails” Boys dance class where boys ages four to six learn jazz, Hip Hop, and creative movement in an all boys dance class. 

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