The Many Benefits of Partner Dancing

One time out partner dancing for the weekend will tell anyone that it is good for you.  But aside from the obvious benefit of exercise, what are the specifics of the benefits reaped while social dancing such as Argentine Tango and Salsa?

Expression: In addition to the physical benefits of dancing, Tango and Salsa are both very expressive types of dances. Once you learn the basic moves, you can embellish and add your own artistic expression. The music is very vibrant as well, allowing you to develop your senses as you dance and express your mood along with the sounds and movements.

Calorie burn: Watch Dancing with the Stars when they are doing a Salsa set and anyone can see some serious calorie burn is going on. According to, in one hour of dancing, a 100lb dancer will burn 264 calories, a 150lb dancer will burn 396 calories, a 175lb dancer will burn 462 calories and a 200lb dancer will burn 528 calories.

Brain challenge: Obviously, learning new dance steps and move combinations challenges your brain, but also the brain blood flow, concentration, and focus required increases your cognitive skills and actually helps reduce the risk of dementia.  What does this mean for younger adults? Sign up for our Argentine Tango class and start paving the way for new neural paths in middle age and you can improve your performance at work.

Strength: As you anticipate and complete quick turns, you force your muscles to resist and support your body against your own body weight. Doing so while dancing with another and also anticipating and coordinating with their moves and style challenges your muscles in new ways.

Social skills: Well, it is called social dance, right?  You learn to open yourself up to cues and moves of another partner and how to respond. Also, dancing with new partners builds your confidence both on and off the dance floor. You are sure to be the hit of the next social dance scene when others see you know your moves and do it with confidence.

Check out our fall schedule for both Argentine Tango classes as well as some hot Salsa options and you will soon see the benefits in all areas!

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